For me, the relationship is key if supervision is to work, and therefore I like the sessions to be as collaborative as possible.

I’m a qualified person centred therapist, but that does not mean that I only work with person centred therapists. I have found when working with other modalities that sometimes it is good to have a different perspective on your counseling work and I hope I can help offer that.

For me, the focus is not only on possible client interventions but in also looking at how you as a therapist work and to look at what might be coming up for you.

I’ll work at your pace while we work together through the issues which you feel might be blocking you, and that you may be struggling with.

My hope is that you will experience the supervision environment as a safe space, which will allow you to open up and talk about everything that is on your mind.

I see our relationship as something that is pivotal to us working well together, and I feel the best way to achieve this is to have open and honest communication within the supervision relationship.

Within supervision, the therapist is just as important as the client.

First session

During the first session, we will contract on how we plan to work together moving forward. I see this as a collaborative process whereby we find what works for both of us.

I will explain how I work as a supervisor, and will allow space for any questions that you may have.

Ideally, I like to use the first session as a way of getting to know one another, as for me our relationship will be key to how we work in supervision.

Supervisees I work with

Trainee counsellors, as well as experienced, qualified counsellors.

Supervision fees:

£35 per session for students.

£50 per session for qualified counsellors.

Open to discussions for concessions. Please contact me to discuss further.